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Dog Park Etiquette

Close the first gate behind you before opening the second gate. Do NOT use the maintenance gate as an access point. You cannot be sure of any other dogs' behaviour and should not risk their escape.

Fill in any holes your dog digs or make appropriate repairs to disturbed areas. Report any problems with the facilities to the Association or the City of Stratford.

Keep your dog within sight and voice command range at all times.

Exercise is good for humans- move around the park with your dog instead of clustering near the gate.

Have drinking water available for your dog.

Children and the Dog Park

It is strongly urged that small children are not brought into the Dog Park for their health and safety. If you must bring children to the Dog Park, you do so at your own risk, and must supervise them closely.

Please be aware:
- Friendly dogs can accidentally knock over or injure a child.
- Not all dogs are child-friendly.
- Never allow your child to approach or pet a dog without the owner's presence and permission.

Supervising a child and a dog at the same time is difficult to do, and puts the child and other people using the park at risk.

Dogs will jump up to investigate babies in front or back carriers, and will also stick their noses into strollers. Most are curious and friendly, but some have strong prey instincts, and may mistake a baby for a small, injured animal.


While this is a public park, it was created for DOGS. This is their park, and is the only place they can run free and unchecked by leashes.

Under no circumstances should a child under 16 be left unsupervised in this park.

Beware of the misuse of the word "AGGRESSION".


- Charging
- Mass greetings
- Humping
- Posturing
- Wrestling

- Play biting
- Dogs rejecting ('telling off') other dogs(growls, raised hackles, curled lips, barking)
- Tug-of-war



Dogs being carried may get nipped at (they look like injured prey) it is better to leave them on the ground. The gate area in particular, but any place an owner stands for too long, may encourage territorial feelings in the dogs. It is better to keep moving!

Dogs do establish pack order when they meet new dogs, and there may a short time of tension while they figure it out. When humans interrupt this activity, it can result in confusion for the dogs and lead to further assertive behaviours- most dogs do not feel the need to fight once they know their place in the pack. Dog owners should communicate respectfully with each other if their dogs are being engaged in behaviours which make them uncomfortable. Remember, we all care about our dogs- that's why we're here!

Please REPORT any incidents of dogs biting other dogs which are not playful but involve breaking the skin, or otherwise injuring another dog. You may report directly to Animal Control, or to the Dog Park Association. Please provide as many details as possible- time/date; name of dog; description of owner; vehicle. Forward your complaint in writing, either by e-mail or by writing to our address.

We can't keep Dog-Aggressive Dogs out of the Park unless we know who they are and have documented incidents.

Contact Information

Stratford Dog Park Association

Humane Society 519 273-6600

Animal Control- Daytime 519 273-6600; Night-time 519 271-4141


Pet injury- refer to your vet

Human Injury- seek medical attention