Dog Park Logo

History of Stratford Dog Park

For several years, interested residents talked about the idea of an “off leash” dog park for the City of Stratford. Discussions were held with the City to review options and determine the appropriate approach to see their vision accomplished. After a public meeting hosted by the city, a committee of volunteers was formed in March 2004.

The committee was given a mandate to establish an association of members, select a site, budget for construction, seek approval from City Council, initiate construction and begin fund raising to repay a loan of up to $50,000.

Guided by the Association's first president, Jennifer Turner, all of these tasks were achieved during the summer of 2004. Fence construction was completed with volunteer labour alone, under the supervision of Mark Bannon.

The final cost to set up the park was $39,000 – a loan paid in full by the spring of 2012. Membership fees as well as generous contributions, including corporate enabled the park to relinquish its debt to the City.

A Grand Opening was held in August 2004. Since then, hundreds of Stratford and area residents, as well as guests to the City, have enjoyed “Packer Park”.

The Dog Park operates under the purview of the Community Services Department of the City of Stratford. The Park's success is based on the positive relationship between and with the support of this department and the Stratford Dog Park Association's Board of Directors.

History of our Logo

The Dog Park's wonderful logo was designed by Nancy Taylor - the creative force of “Cranberryblewe” of Stratford. As a park member and dog lover, she provided us with this colourful and whimsical logo pro bono. Her involvement with the Stratford Dog Park Association attests to her belief in the park's mandate as well as to her community spirit.

The colourful design is meant to depict a generic dog but folks like to equate its form with one of the original organizers of the park - Mark Bannon and his faithful friend Packer.

Nancy Taylor with her dogs

Nancy admits to having a soft spot for Boston Terriers whom she has often fostered from rescue agencies. Olive is her own “best friend”, pictured here with the bone.

We are very grateful for Nancy's contribution to the Association and the park.

If you are interested in knowing more about Nancy's design work, please visit her website